About Us

Established in 1950's

Lucky Jewellery stands as a distinguished establishment in Lucknow, renowned for its exquisite range of artificial jewelry. Since our inception in the 1950s, we have curated a diverse collection of imitation jewelry, specializing in bridal adornments, kundan sets, and bridal churas. Our pieces emulate the elegance of authentic ornaments, inviting you to explore our captivating assortment.

With a legacy spanning several decades, we pride ourselves on offering the latest iterations of artificial jewelry, meticulously crafted to replicate the allure of gold and silver designer pieces. Our extensive array encompasses wedding jewelry in myriad shapes and designs, each bearing the hallmark of impeccable craftsmanship.

At the intersection of tradition and contemporary fashion, our wedding collection epitomizes sophistication, crafted from premium materials for comfort and durability. Despite their luxurious appearance, our bridal ornaments are affordably priced, making them accessible to all.

At Lucky Jewellery, we showcase a fine selection of wedding jewelry featuring imitation designs of gold and silver, exquisitely crafted to captivate the beholder. From everyday wear to fashion statements, our repertoire includes jewelry for every occasion, all manufactured to the highest standards of quality.

Our meticulous quality control measures ensure that each ornament meets stringent criteria for thickness, finishing, and durability, guaranteeing a flawless appearance that withstands the test of time. Every piece is meticulously packaged to safeguard against damage during transit, reflecting our commitment to customer satisfaction.

In a country where jewelry symbolizes auspiciousness and prosperity, we recognize the significance of offering alternatives to traditional gold and silver adornments. Hence, our exclusive collection incorporates pearls, rubies, corals, emeralds, and other precious stones, meticulously set in imitation jewelry for a touch of opulence without the exorbitant price tag.

From handcrafted bridal designs to traditional sets adorned with polka and beads, our collection caters to diverse tastes and preferences, elevating the allure of wedding ensembles with grace and charm. Antique finishes, Kundan sets, crystal beaded creations, and multicolor necklaces further enrich our offerings, ensuring a treasure trove of options for every discerning customer.

Embrace the elegance of Lucky Jewellery's bridal collection, meticulously crafted to adorn the wearer with unparalleled grace and sophistication. Whether it's intricately encrusted necklaces or statement earrings, our pieces are designed to exude opulence and allure, making every bride feel resplendent on her special day.

Experience the convenience of bulk bookings and flexible payment options, including credit card facilities, as we strive to enhance your shopping experience at Lucky Jewellery. Join our expanding clientele and embark on a journey of timeless elegance with our exquisite range of bridal jewelry.

In addition to our sterling reputation in the jewelry industry, Lucky Jewellery has garnered widespread recognition through extensive media coverage. We have been featured in prominent outlets such as Lallan Top and numerous newspapers, where our exquisite designs and success stories have been lauded.

Moreover, our journey to success has been documented by leading e-commerce platforms like Snapdeal and Amazon, further attesting to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. These endorsements underscore our position as a trusted brand in the artificial jewelry market, reinforcing our dedication to excellence in craftsmanship and service.

As we continue to expand our reach and offerings, we remain grateful for the support and accolades received from both the media and our valued customers. At Lucky Jewellery, we are not only crafting jewelry; we are shaping enduring legacies of elegance and distinction.

In addition to our esteemed reputation and media coverage, we're excited to share with you some captivating video content showcasing our exquisite jewelry collections. Below are the links to our featured videos:

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We invite you to explore these videos to get a closer look at our craftsmanship and the stories behind our success. Thank you for your continued support and appreciation of Lucky Jewellery.